Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jury Duty

Yep! I got the "LETTER."
You will appear September 28th. and guess what I was picked! Yep.
The judge said it will last probably till next Tuesday.  At least I can sleep in till 7:30am instead of 6:00am.

 It's beautiful.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kimberly is home

Kimberly our daughter finally made it home the 17th. We missed her greatly. Shes been gone for 7 months. The boys didn't miss her or her mess. We went to the storage today and boy was that a chore trying to find all of her clothes.

2010 Quilting in the Garden Show

     I made it to the bus this morning. Yay. We had to be at the parking lot at 7:45 am to get on the Delta. Heading to Livermore Ca. for the 2010 Quilting in the Garden Show.
     It was arranged by Margaret Ward with fiftynine women and one man from the Auburn and Citrus Heights quilting guild. The bus was packed. We Played a game on the way, Margaret handed everyone a zip lock bag with two patterns. We had to sew them together and hand it to our neighbor so she can sew the    pair together. What ever side finished piecing six across and eight down won. The other side finished first and boy did we laugh. They forgot to make sure the pattern alternated. But we had what was coming to us. Because when our piecing was done it was shaped like a F, thats what we get for laughing.
AM Itinerary.
7:15 Arrive at Auburn
7:30 Leaving the parking lot on a Delta charter Bus
7:50 Arrive at the Roseville Kmart parking lot
8:00 Leave Roseville
10:00 Arrive at the Quilting in the Garden Show in Livermore


I have more pictures mainly of thw quilts but I haven't down loaded my camera onto the computer. A visit to fry's is in the future this week.

12:00 Leave the quilting in the Garden show
1:00 Arrive at Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric shop in Berkley

2:30 Leave Stone Mountain and Daughter
          Ate at the mexican Restarant next door.
2:45 Arrive at New Pieces Quilt shop in Berkley
4:15 Leave New Pieces Quilt shop
5:45 Arrive at Roseville KMART parking lot
6:00 Leave Roseville
6:20 Arrive Auburn Grocery Outlet parking lot

well insert pictures later