Saturday, September 29, 2012


First regular sized tomatoes that are ready to ripen

Cherry tomatoes, they have been sporadic and just a snack when we go out to check on the garden.

Chinese eggplant, don't know why they are yellow. This is the first year we have grown eggplant.
October 6th is the eggplant festival in Loomis, Ca. There is a lot of growers in the area and I can ask questions.

Our tomato plant thats propt against the building. No room on the patio

Still have Zucchini growing

Anaheim's, told my son I want to freeze some for Spaghetti. He said I can have a couple to put in the freezer. My mom always put it in spaghetti.
Jalapenos, we plan on more stuffed Jalapeno peppers.
This is our favorite recipe

all of my succulents are doing great.

asparagus fern

my Zucchini

My dads fern, he use to put it in his rose arrangements for my mom. He grew the most beautiful Jackson Perkins roses.

Jalapenos still growing with our record holding hot weather for September. This weekend it will be in the 100's

bought my daughter an I Phone 4S, I couldn't get a hold of her because her phone was broken and made me nervous because of the area she lives in Sacramento. The I Phone 4S is only 99.00 which is cheaper then another phone on her plan. She loves it.

Made sauteed Zucchini from my garden, so good that I would eat this before junk food.

2 T EVOO and 2 6 inch Zucchinis

1 large clove garlic chopped
Saute on both sides but take off before opaque because it keeps cooking when you take it off the pan. I put it in a lock tight container and snack on it when I have a snack attack, so good.