Sunday, May 8, 2011

Had a great Mother's Day today

It didn't look promising today, but I'm thinking positive here.
I woke up to several text this morning and to find several text wishing me a Happy Mother's Day, I'm loved.

My oldest son made my Breakfast of 11eggo's pancake mini's with spray butter and 1/8 c lite syrup, 3 brown and serve lite original sausage and some wine grapes. Total points plus =11
My daughter came home with goodies and Audrey gave her a Mother's Day kiss to.
Kimberly made my lunch of her famous baked chicken that she adds Mrs. Dash chicken seasoning and Mrs. Dash table blend and baked to perfection. The side was Garden Vegetable Medley one of our favorite quick meals. Points plus=5
My favorite snack is 7 reduced triscuits french onion laughing cow wedge and a navel orange points plus =4
My husband came home with an arm full of flowers, look at that proud face or it could be because the Dodgers won against the Mets 4 to 2. My older son gave him a hard time saying he had to out do us. I'm not complaining.  
I was so preoccupied with the flowers, I smelled something burning and the triscuit bag was on fire from the candle.  I couldn't blow it out and kept yelling at my son DO SOMETHING!!! DO SOMETHING!!! He grabbed a cup of water and doused it out, what a mess.
My boys bought a gift card for one of my favorite stores Sur la table so exited to get another food scale so I don't have to guess the oz. for weight watchers. My other one melted on the stove, do you see a theme here? Ha ha
To finish the perfect evening off my son made 3 oz. orange chicken over 1/2 c white and brown rice.    Points plus = 10
My youngest was in charge of dessert but we were out of oil so it will be continued till Tuesday. Theres never to much of a good thing is there.

Well speaking of Mother's Day, my Mama passed away many years ago, so it was a bitter sweet day today. I miss her dearly. If its a bad day I wish she was here to talk to. She was so kind to everyone and would give her clothes off her back to help you. I went through her pictures to put some up on the blog and it was very emotional but fun to remember back at a happy time.
When I show a picture of mama I have to put her twin brother also. She was so proud of her 2 brothers Dean and Ralph(twin)

October 1956 My dad must been on leave from the navy. This is in the navy housing in Long Beach Ca.
Mom always made sure we went to church every Sunday.

I love you Mama.

Saturday, May 7, 2011



Margaret suggested to bring money, water bottle, shopping bags, money, walking shoes,

Meet at Barbara’s at 8:15 AM, leaving at 8:30 (note the slight time change)
We stay and play all day leaving grass valley about 4:30 PM

sugarpinequiltshop: A very wonderful small but filled with fabric store.

Beads Galore across the street from Ben Franklin
Didn't make it to this one.

I had the Club Croissant, it was delish with homemade Blue Cheese Dressing.

Margaret had the Pulled Pork Sliders. She loved them, and would come back for it again.
Barbara had the house special Crab Louie and had to exchange the aioli because it was a little to spicy,  but totally enjoyed it.
The other lady that was with us had The Turkey Guadalajara and ate the whole thing.
We were able to sit by this beautiful fountain and enjoy the scenery.

*Fabrics on Mill Street*

Looking in the 50% off bin. They found several patterns to take home.
There were a lot of apron patterns I would like to go back and get.
*Wild Plum Home and Garden*
*Tess’ Kitchen Store*

Last stop was the confection store so I can bring home some Blackjack gum, but they were out and always have a back order. (Sorry Thomas). But I did buy some zotz and cow tails.

It was a wonderful day and can't wait for the next trip.
The next Red Thread Sewciety meeting will be on
May 21 at 10:00
in which our next project will be handed out.
Can't wait.