Sunday, November 21, 2010


For 2 weekends friends and I took a trip to Apple Hill. Last weekend a dear friend and I went to take pictures of the Autumn leaves, which was canceled a couple of weekends ago because of rain. It was a beautiful day. All you needed was a sweater.

This weekend was completely different. On the news they had a weather alert for our area. 40-50 mph winds and snow about 1500-2000 feet. Well Apple Hill is 2400 feet. Not thinking or knowing the elevation of our destination, all we thought about was, would it rain. My husband said "bring your gloves" but of course I didn't listen.

This weekend our group the RED THREAD SEWCIETY took off at 12:30 PM after 2 hours of needlepoint, chatting and storytelling. Margaret our leader and brilliant knowledgeable textile mentor, was the driver. Only 2 other lady's were able to go. The other lady's were either sick (Barbara) or had a work shop to attend to. We stopped at a Quilt store Shared stitches in Cameron Park, a place were their houses are over airplane garages  that I have to come back and look through the store when there was more time. There were many cute patterns for Christmas. Santa wall hangings and clothe purse patterns.

As soon as we took our exit from HWY 50 we saw a little bit of snow, which was exiting. As we came closer to the first apple stop Abel's Apples, all of a sudden there was snow everywhere.

Last week my friend and I ate at the food cart in back of Abel's Apples. They have a big variety of foods. She had a big healthy salad that looked so good, that I think I will try it next time with chicken skewers.

This is a tri-tip sandwich, so good (all mine)

  It looked amazing but I started to get worried and thinking about how I was going to freeze. I hate being cold! I was raised in Southern California 7 miles from the beach which the weather was pretty mild.

The next place we went to was a very popular place, Boa Vista.

which has my favorite wine. I always stock up for the year.


Last weeks pictures were taken by my B.F.F, because I can't find my CD to download pictures from my Sony 330. These are before and after pics.

Liquid amber trees. These were my favorite ones

We ate lunch and bought apple donuts and apple fitters by the dozens at High Hill. We watched them make the donuts that took a mere three minutes.
Also there was a 500 lb. pumpkin in front of the store.

Margaret STOP! Not really, this was last week when it was sunny.

On our way back I wanted a couple of pictures of the Christmas tree farms that were picturesque with the needles loaded with snow.

O' Margaret!

When we arrived back to Citrus Heights it was 6PM. This is our haul

Time to Bake!!
I'm tired all ready.
When I finally got home my daughter was on her way out to go to her cousin Lindsey's Birthday #19 at Folsom bowl. They had a great time.

Kimberly and Lindsey

Kayla, Kimberly, and Lindsey.
My daughter only has the Spanish nose. But the cutest if course.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


My son made supper tonight, onion rings. They turned out pretty good. He doesn't measure any ingredients, just throws everything into a bowl and it always turns out pretty good.
The two in the back are made with panko crumbs, my favorite and my idea. We were going to make panko crumb zucchini but we were out of ranch dressing. Maybe tomorrow.


flour,3 eggs and panko crumbs each in a pie plate and seasoned with
chili powder
garlic salt
pepper, salt
onion powder
season salt

heat oil to 350
and fry till golden brown.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dear hubby's pick was Thunder Valley Casino  . Of course the men in the family love there crab.
Kimberly and I dislike shellfish but they have an assume salad and fruit bar. The price for just that is ridiculous. 24.99 apiece for the Friday night crab feed.

This stuff was everywhere. You couldn't get away from it. But my hubby was in heaven and that's the whole idea of everyone picking there ideal family dinner night.

See how happy he is! He even put on that silly bib for the picture. I should have thought of something more clever in his weakest moment.

Don't disturb us.
After my daughter and I were done with our healthy expensive salad, we went out to the front of the casino and looked at the new add on. Their new hotel.

It's gorgeous
Well hours later the guys called and said they were done, so we met them out front. I love this breast cancer ribbon. Its my favorite.

My daughter the picture ham. I luv her.

 All through Roseville there are local artist that decorated ribbons and put them threw out our town. My other favorite one is on the corner of Rocky Ridge and Douglas Blvd. At Kaiser Permanente.
We had another great Family night.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


No sunrise today, it's been raining and drizzling all morning. I have been waiting all week for my outing  taking pictures with a friend. We were going to shoot all the fall leaves, which I have been taking notes of where to go. She said we have umbrellas but I didn't want to risk getting our cameras wet. She suggested that we go after work but with the time change it will be pitch dark when we get home, and all the leaves will probably be gone in a few days.

Yesterday was a clear beautiful day at Folsom Lake, but you can't outguess Mother Nature.

So today is a perfect prep day for this coming week. We received our box of fruit and veggies from Farm fresh to you. I just came back from the market with fruit and veggies so we have a plethora of them know. Good thing daughter and I started our diets last week. We have way to much bok choy that a friend took half of it off my hands. It took awhile to wash cut and package everything so we can just grab what ever we need to cook or nibble on. We even had an unwanted guest.

Know that's organic for ya. Good thing I soaked everything first.

Well our fridge is packed with nutritious food, even our compost pile will be happy.

Hubby said he wants to be add to the chore list. He's getting tired of just washing dishes. Flylady has 5 weeks of cleaning chores so that's perfect because there is 5 of us. That way the house is kept clean. We'll see how long that last. This coming week I'm on Zone 2 the kitchen. My son had it this past week so it still looks pretty good.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


On of the Bus Drivers announced over the 2-way "look at the beautiful sunrise".
I had to rush out and check for myself. She was right, it was beautiful.

It was a beautiful morning this am in the bus yard. How lucky are we to drive and watch the sun rise.
I drive my route in the PM and come down the back roads instead of the freeway. It's so peaceful and quiet rolling threw the windy roads and smelling the trees and fields.

I'm so lucky to have a great job that I can work outside. But once it rains and gets so windy that the bus blows back and forth I might change my mind.

Speaking of beautiful, hubby sent a picture of a Chinese pheasant that he sees at one of the schools he works at on the weekends. He thinks someone let it go or lost it because its pretty tame.
He always looks for it, hoping the coyotes never catch it.

The guys had a great camping trip this week. They went to Camp Far West Lake in Sheridan past Lincoln. They said it was very relaxing and got a lot of fishing in. Hubby was the only one that caught
2 catfish. But everyone had a great time trying. They used chicken liver and shrimp for bait.
They were woke up every morning around 7:00 am by a flock of geese, and every night my son heard rats scuffling around in leaves by his tent. But they didn't care, they had the whole lake to them selves.
Back home to reality to unpack one car and one truck.

Just make sure when your done take a SHOWER,  PLEASE!!!!!
Glad to see them home safe and well.

Even the sunset was beautiful this evening on the way home.
See the rainbow in the middle of the picture?

Need I say "It was a beautiful day today".