Friday, December 28, 2012


Bought the boys breakfast after dropping hubby off at work. Caught TJ before he left so he has a full belly for all that hard work.
When out to do errands around 10:00.
Needed lab work at Kaiser and have my blood pressure taken 138 over 76 not bad.
In the lobby of Kaiser there was a mandarin stand. Of course something healthy. Hint Hint.
It will be the only thing that I will be eating healthy today.
On the way out I noticed they decorated there tree in the circle of the hospital patient loading and unloading area.
Stopped for lunch, I should have filled up with Mandarins.
Well time to rest for work tonight. We are doing a midnight shuttle, hopefully it will be fun. Will have to sleep tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Challah Artisan Bread

I found a new recipe today on one of my favorite blogs for a Challah Artisan Bread, looks beautiful. Lets hope mine will look the same, we'll see.
This is her picture.
Frost has done our garden in so we picked the rest of our tomatoes from the garden and saw a recipe for picked fried green tomatoes on the cooking channel. I have tried fried before and didn't like them so hopefully these are good.
Last night my youngest son said he would make my breakfast with his famous omelet. So this morning I waited and waited, I was so hungry that I had to resort to our Christmas tradition storybook Lifesavers.
He woke up around 9:30 and made my breakfast. Thank you sweetie it was yummy.
Found a great deal on a blog
I was 1 day to late for getting it free, my $2.00 wellness rewards expired yesterday, dang.
Keri Lotion, 15 oz $0.99
With In-Ad Coupon
Use $2.00/1 – Keri Product – (
Or $3.00/2 Keri Lotion Products from SS 10/14 (exp 1/31)
Final Price: Free
I went to 2 different Rite aids and the shelves were cleaned off. I asked one when they would restock and she said Saturday. I have to work at 12 am and Tim needs the truck at 12 noon so I'm hoping I can get there early enough and not to tired. It's such a great deal that I can't let it go.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all.
Our new find is a Bagged frozen Butterball Turkey.
We went to Walmart for last minute items and Hubby wanted to buy a turkey for Christmas. Cool that I didn't have to buy it out of my own budget. The meat guy said someone came and bought all of them for charity, which we thought was cool. Then we started to look around and found this
kind of skeptical I decided to go for it we needed a turkey for Christmas.
I read the directions and you throw the bagged frozen turkey into the oven as is. I opened the bag and noticed there were no spices on the turkey, "O no" that won't fly with us. The bag was sealed with a metal clasp and had to cut it off and stripped the paper off of a tied for baggies and wound 3 together. I added spices on top of the turkey and tied the bag again, threw into the oven for 3 hours and it turned out so tender and moist. Very impressed.
Everyone attacked it and couldn't take a pic soon enough.
My dear Kimberly was invited to her friends house and they are fa nominal cooks. She wanted to bring some cupcakes.
This is a boxed mix with Hershey's Chocolate frosting on the back of the plastic Hershey's container.
Go to the recipe at the end for the frosting, then she added different sprinkles for each one.
Good job daughter.
No bake Cookies 111
We added a couple of these to her container also.
Drive safely sweetie.