Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blood work and Mamogram

I finally made it to Kaiser today. My doctor has been on me to get this done. Thier moto is to keep everyone healthy. Neither Blood work nor Mamograms need an appointment so there was a lot of waiting.

   Loved wearing the stylish blue robe with the three arm holes. All of us women lined up flat chested waiting impatiently for our names to be called, so we could get the pain overwith.

    Pam please come in. Well here I go. OMG! Standing in the middle of the room topless, cold and nowhere to hide. Why has it been 10 years since your last mamogram? Please raise your, Here comes the pancake press Ouch!!! I told the nurse thats why I never come in to do this. She had a comment that made me think. "It doesn't hurt as much as Kemo does." It has stuck with me all day.

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