Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thank goodness it was warmer

Yesterday it was so cold it took all morning to scrap down the bus's.
Today the sun is fighting it's way through the clouds, and wound up to be beautiful.

6:35 Breakfast:
Good and natural, not that great tasting but it was free.
3 mandarins from Hubby.

During break I ran to Rite Aid and CVS. My rewards expire today so didn't want to loose it.
Money maker $1.78
$2.33 oop
My dear son made my lunch of Scrambled eggs and lightly buttered toast.
For Supper we had the spaghetti before I took Hubby to Kaiser for his sleep apnea test.
8:00 PM
Love you Babe and will miss you, see you tomorrow.
Good luck


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