Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Split pea soup


I was watching Paula Dean today and she was making Split pea soup. Wow that looked so good and I had a ham bone in the fridge from Christmas dinner, just waiting to go into something. Perfect and good timing. It was so easy, I put all the veggies into the food processor and shredded it so the soup would cook faster.  I subbed the bacon for the ham and turned out great. When I think of split pea I think of ham so it suited my craving.

Even the dogs benefitted from the leftover ham bones.


Gismo headed for the bedroom were he knew I would protect him.


And Audrey headed for the chair were she made a big mess, and I noticed she shredded an ice cream wrapper. I need to check under here more often. Once they chewed the meat off the bones went into the trash. It looks like the bone had a chipping that would cause them to choke.

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