Friday, December 30, 2011

Today is my first Physical

My first post last year was my doctors appt. and mammogram.This year it was easier to get a mammogram and wasn’t as scary. The nurse was a lot gentler then last years and my results came back great.

My blood test came back with an improvement in vitamin D, LDL which is very high and is helping my heart, and HDL has improved. I will find out for sure today when my Doctor reads the report to me. I will  have my blood pressure checked so she won’t call anymore to get me in here. Last year my blood pressure was 199 over 98, which scared the nurse. She took it several times to make sure it was correct. They immediately subscribed medication which has corrected the problem.

Went great today, my BP was 139 over 74. Dr. said she doesn’t want to see it any higher. I need to monitor it every day. I have a referral to see a dermatologist next week for several sun spots. Living by Huntington Beach and constant tanning beds here I have damaged my skin. When you are young, you think nothing will happen to you, but can’t go back.

I had my knee x-rayed  and will find out what that is all about. Dr. thinks it might be bursitis  from my weight. But I can’t loose weight if I can’t walk or jog, a vicious cycle.

I asked about my heart sonogram from last year and why one side was thicker then the other. She said that’s from hypertension damage.  When one side is pumping harder and faster than normal through a small tube is gets thicker like when you exercise an arm muscle it gets larger. Dr. said as long as my BP stays regulated it will go back to normal. Which she said it should be since I have maintained a normal BP.

I love my Kaiser doctor and it is easier to talk to her than a male Doctor. I was able to get a lot of answers that I had on my mind. Well all I have to worry about next is the appt. next week with the Dermatologist. See you than and have a Wonderful New Year.

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