Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to blogging

     I can't believe its been so long since I've been gone from blogging. I want to start blogging again for my self. I would like to keep track of my dieting and exercising. I lost 13 lbs. and my hubby lost 26 lbs. But unfortunately we have gained it all back. We fixed our truck 1 month ago and no more bike riding. I do miss it and I'm afraid that I have lost the endurance.

     This morning hubby and I were suppose to ride our bikes to Winco but the morning got away from us. The temp today was going to be 99* so it was getting to hot.
     My husband and I have been riding our bikes since January only because our truck needed so much repair that we couldn't afford to fix it. I took a cut in pay and quite one of my jobs. It was a money shock, when we could afford anything and now we have to cut back on everything.

     Hubby made supper which was a nice surprise and I cleaned up the kitchen will he cooked.
This is the only thing he knows how to make, so when I say we are having spaghetti he always volunteers.
I had 1and a half cups of pasta and 1 cup of Ragu sauce. We had leftover
hotdog buns from yesterdays supper so I made garlic bread and 2 cups of wine. Very filling



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