Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garden rollcall

Checked on the garden this morning and its coming along slowly but surely. We had a late start this year and decided to put everything in 5 gallon containers so they would be in the sun. There is to much shade were we planted last year. My oldest son is the caretaker of our plants, he said its relaxing and is taking after both of his Grampas. This is how they are coming along.
One of 5 tomato plants, the cherry is the only one producing right know.
My younger sons Chinese eggplant, hoping he will take an interest in gardening.
Anaheim pepper
Blueberry and strawberry's

Breakfast 7:30
1 med banana=0ppts.
2 crunchy granola bars=5ppts.
Snack 10:00
Lunch 12:30
1 Flatout multi grain=3ppts.
3oz. water pack tuna=2ppt.
2T reg mayo=6ppts.
1T chopped onion=0ppts.
1T chopped celery=0ppts.
Snack 2:30
1 C fresh blueberry's=0ppts.
activia LF peach=2ppts.
Hometown with our Daughter Kimberly
Shes taking both of us for our Birthdays since she didn't do anything for mine in January.
She's a sweetheart.
Started with a salad and only ate 2/3rds
Always bring back my favorite cheese cake with the salad love it. Left 2 bites, tried to force myself but couldn't.
Ate 2/3rds I was so full. Can't eat a lot at once.


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