Sunday, November 7, 2010


No sunrise today, it's been raining and drizzling all morning. I have been waiting all week for my outing  taking pictures with a friend. We were going to shoot all the fall leaves, which I have been taking notes of where to go. She said we have umbrellas but I didn't want to risk getting our cameras wet. She suggested that we go after work but with the time change it will be pitch dark when we get home, and all the leaves will probably be gone in a few days.

Yesterday was a clear beautiful day at Folsom Lake, but you can't outguess Mother Nature.

So today is a perfect prep day for this coming week. We received our box of fruit and veggies from Farm fresh to you. I just came back from the market with fruit and veggies so we have a plethora of them know. Good thing daughter and I started our diets last week. We have way to much bok choy that a friend took half of it off my hands. It took awhile to wash cut and package everything so we can just grab what ever we need to cook or nibble on. We even had an unwanted guest.

Know that's organic for ya. Good thing I soaked everything first.

Well our fridge is packed with nutritious food, even our compost pile will be happy.

Hubby said he wants to be add to the chore list. He's getting tired of just washing dishes. Flylady has 5 weeks of cleaning chores so that's perfect because there is 5 of us. That way the house is kept clean. We'll see how long that last. This coming week I'm on Zone 2 the kitchen. My son had it this past week so it still looks pretty good.

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  1. So nice that you are such a good organizer. I like to keep my veggies neatly set up in the frig, so I can just grab a pack knowing I have to use them ASAP.