Sunday, November 21, 2010


For 2 weekends friends and I took a trip to Apple Hill. Last weekend a dear friend and I went to take pictures of the Autumn leaves, which was canceled a couple of weekends ago because of rain. It was a beautiful day. All you needed was a sweater.

This weekend was completely different. On the news they had a weather alert for our area. 40-50 mph winds and snow about 1500-2000 feet. Well Apple Hill is 2400 feet. Not thinking or knowing the elevation of our destination, all we thought about was, would it rain. My husband said "bring your gloves" but of course I didn't listen.

This weekend our group the RED THREAD SEWCIETY took off at 12:30 PM after 2 hours of needlepoint, chatting and storytelling. Margaret our leader and brilliant knowledgeable textile mentor, was the driver. Only 2 other lady's were able to go. The other lady's were either sick (Barbara) or had a work shop to attend to. We stopped at a Quilt store Shared stitches in Cameron Park, a place were their houses are over airplane garages  that I have to come back and look through the store when there was more time. There were many cute patterns for Christmas. Santa wall hangings and clothe purse patterns.

As soon as we took our exit from HWY 50 we saw a little bit of snow, which was exiting. As we came closer to the first apple stop Abel's Apples, all of a sudden there was snow everywhere.

Last week my friend and I ate at the food cart in back of Abel's Apples. They have a big variety of foods. She had a big healthy salad that looked so good, that I think I will try it next time with chicken skewers.

This is a tri-tip sandwich, so good (all mine)

  It looked amazing but I started to get worried and thinking about how I was going to freeze. I hate being cold! I was raised in Southern California 7 miles from the beach which the weather was pretty mild.

The next place we went to was a very popular place, Boa Vista.

which has my favorite wine. I always stock up for the year.


Last weeks pictures were taken by my B.F.F, because I can't find my CD to download pictures from my Sony 330. These are before and after pics.

Liquid amber trees. These were my favorite ones

We ate lunch and bought apple donuts and apple fitters by the dozens at High Hill. We watched them make the donuts that took a mere three minutes.
Also there was a 500 lb. pumpkin in front of the store.

Margaret STOP! Not really, this was last week when it was sunny.

On our way back I wanted a couple of pictures of the Christmas tree farms that were picturesque with the needles loaded with snow.

O' Margaret!

When we arrived back to Citrus Heights it was 6PM. This is our haul

Time to Bake!!
I'm tired all ready.
When I finally got home my daughter was on her way out to go to her cousin Lindsey's Birthday #19 at Folsom bowl. They had a great time.

Kimberly and Lindsey

Kayla, Kimberly, and Lindsey.
My daughter only has the Spanish nose. But the cutest if course.

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