Saturday, November 13, 2010


Dear hubby's pick was Thunder Valley Casino  . Of course the men in the family love there crab.
Kimberly and I dislike shellfish but they have an assume salad and fruit bar. The price for just that is ridiculous. 24.99 apiece for the Friday night crab feed.

This stuff was everywhere. You couldn't get away from it. But my hubby was in heaven and that's the whole idea of everyone picking there ideal family dinner night.

See how happy he is! He even put on that silly bib for the picture. I should have thought of something more clever in his weakest moment.

Don't disturb us.
After my daughter and I were done with our healthy expensive salad, we went out to the front of the casino and looked at the new add on. Their new hotel.

It's gorgeous
Well hours later the guys called and said they were done, so we met them out front. I love this breast cancer ribbon. Its my favorite.

My daughter the picture ham. I luv her.

 All through Roseville there are local artist that decorated ribbons and put them threw out our town. My other favorite one is on the corner of Rocky Ridge and Douglas Blvd. At Kaiser Permanente.
We had another great Family night.


  1. Yum Crab! The hubby really looks like he enjoys it! LOL

  2. Shh you might disturb him. Pam