Saturday, October 16, 2010


Today we had our School Bus Inservice on Making seconds count at the Auburn Fair in Auburn Ca.
It started at 7:00am. and we were there till 1:00 pm. It was worth 6 TOI hours which was worth getting up early. My coworkers were already there and saved at seat for me. They provided bagels, I tried the strawberry bagel, yum, with cream cheese. Cinnamon bagel holes which were a little strange, I wouldn't buy them. Starbucks coffee was really good of course, and some type of fruit rolls.

They say a School Bus can go up in flames in 3 minutes. Thats pretty scary when you think about how many a bus can hold and how to get all of them out safely. Thats why we have bus evacuations every year to show the children what to do in an emergency. Constant training well insure they will remember what to do.
The Auburn Fire and Auburn Police had a drill on how they would take care of a bus on fire.

This was an acual bus that has an electrical fire in the front under the hood. Likely the driver got out safely and there were no kids at the time. They just put the car in front of the bus so the firemen could rescue a volunteer. In the bus the trainers put 4 other volunteers with a tag explaining what was wrong with them. After the volunteers were all taken out of the bus, the firemen went to talk to them. Everyone yelled, there's still a baby in the bus! 2 of the firemen ran back in and found a stuffed gorilla under the seat. Alwas look under the seats, because if a young child is scared they are trained to get down in a fire.

After the demonstration, we were able to go down to the bus and check it out.
The engine were the electrical fire started........................................................................
 The back of the bus were the emergency door is.
 The stair well were you get on the bus.
 This is the drivers seat.

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