Sunday, October 31, 2010


     Yeah! The guys are leaving and just us girls are here on our own for 3 days. The only thing is that we have to do the paper route by our selves. Kinda nervous about that, because I'm not a morning person and tend to push the snooze button quite a bit. But all is good DD and I can clean the house while there gone.
     I made S'mores to go for the guys to take with them. I dought there will be much cooking, just food in a bag. Timothy is the only one that can think of something fast to fix. Thomas is my baker and you can't bake during camping. Well you can but hes not that advanced.
Not that I sent them like this, are you kidding! All that's on there minds are fish. These are to pass out at work. All you need is 
 Giant Marshmallows

 Hershey bars broken up
  Graham crackersand preheat the oven on broil
 Lay on parchment paper like this.
 Put the marshmallow on top of the Hershey bar.
 Watch carefully while you broil for 1 minute.
 Top with another piece of Hershey's chocolate so the Graham will stick.
We had a busy night with all the kids coming to the door. I put glow sticks at the bottom and a little boy asked if he can give one to his little bother and himself. My daughter couldn't resist, he was so cute.

My husbands nieces came to the door, Kayla and Lindsay.
                                    We had a lot of older kids this year, not many young ones.

         My daughter put out the decorations today. She was worried that no one would knock if our house  was bare. We waited till the last minute this year. I didn't feel like going to the storage and dragging all of the boxes out. We usually get pretty detailed.

It was a beautiful day today for the tricker treaters. Everyone was worried all week with it raining everyday, but it turned out perfect. Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

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  1. Glad you liked my recipes...too bad you didn't leave a comment on my blog. I see that you are new with Foodbuzz, and your blog. I love your Template photo-looking out the window(view). Mine is the view at sundown, from the beach where I live.(my photo)
    Great Halloween photos, and yummy marshmallow chocolate snacks. I will be your first follower on your blog, please visit mine, and follow, this way we can stay in touch.
    I wish you all the success on your new blog!