Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today we needed to get all of our plastic and aluminum together and turn it in to the recycling place. Its drizzling and gloomy but it has to be done. The gardener cant even get his lawnmower through the mess. All of the cans are overflowing out to the patio.

     When we arrived to the recycling bins there were two people before us. I thought that was easy. We wouldn’t have to wait long. Then everyone started to pour in. The man that was gathering the cans became concerned and said “I thought it would be a quite day“. We made $47.00 out of it. Next week it will be the bottles, now that will be a chore!

    Yesterday my Farm fresh to you box came in. I was so exited to see it. Well everything sure did come from an organic farm, it needed to go into the sink for a bath. There were some items that I have never tried before, like Kale which I believe can be added to soups like lentils. Collard greens I'm not sure about.

My DS#1 was exited though to try them. The kids dug into the pears and carrots. That’s a good thing. It will be fun to figure out how to prepare and use these jewels.

Smell the goodness.

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