Sunday, October 17, 2010


The weather forecast said slight chance of rain. Around 10:00 am I heard it on the roof top, petter patter. I love that sound. Who wants to go out in cold dreary weather.

Time to put a log on the fire, and some comfy clothes to start baking.
I checked out some of my favorite food blogs and found on thesisterscafe a cinnamon roll recipe that looked really good. I printed it  out and started getting everything ready about 12:00 pm. Hubby came home from work so I made his favorite, a tomato and mayo sandwich, which is the last one from our garden.

DS#1 had the kitchen as a chore last week. He said once he moved on to the next chore someone would have it dirty the next day. Sorry son!
 By the time the dough proofed 2x's and finished in the oven, it was 7:30 pm.


 I'm exhausted. They're a lot of work. I hope everyone loves them because I'm to tired to clean the kitchen. Guess what I'll be doing at lunch tomorrow. I know, its not the flylady way, but she will forgive me this time.

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